SEP 2008

Space Review Committee forms

Established by Dean Cristina Amon to audit the Faculty’s instructional and research spaces, and to address the requirements of a proposed new building.
JUN 2009

Divisional Space Review results

An executive summary with recommendations and observations submitted for Faculty input; development of a new building to proceed as planned. READ MORE 
MAR 2012

47-55 St. George Street allocated to U of T Engineering

Site 10 – Simcoe Hall Parking Lot is the location of the forthcoming Myhal Centre; Project Planning Committee Forms to carry out Dean Cristina Amon’s vision to drive innovation, foster entrepreneurship and cultivate global engineering leaders.
APR 2012

Paul Cadario

Commits $1 million to the Centre for Global Engineering (CGEN).

George Myhal

Provides an early pace-setting $5-million gift to support the construction of the Myhal Centre.
SEP 2012

Boundless campaign launched for U of T Engineering

The Myhal Centre is one of six core Faculty campaign initiatives.
OCT 2012

Bill & Kathleen Troost

Bill & Kathleen TroostMake a $2-million gift toward a new space for the Troost Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering (Troost ILead).
JAN 2013

Planning ahead

Myhal Centre project planning report finalized.
FEB 2013

Patrick Fung

Directs a $250,000 gift to name a project room in the Myhal Centre for the Fung Family.

APR 2013

Architects selected

Toronto-based Montgomery Sisam Architects and U.K.-based Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios are chosen as the architects for the Myhal Centre.
JUN 2013

Hatch Inc

The Faculty receives generous personal gifts from alumni and current Hatch employees totaling $155,000. Pictured: John Bianchini, CEO, Hatch.
AUG 2013

Lee & Margaret Lau

The couple’s $2.5-million gift will fund a cutting-edge auditorium in the Myhal Centre.

U of T Engineering Society

Undergraduate students support the Faculty’s vision with a collective $1-million commitment.

International alumni groups

Campaign committees form in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore/Malaysia, South Korea, and Taiwan.
SEP 2013

Design review

A design review committee begins assessments of the building’s plans.
NOV 2013

J. Edgar McAllister Foundation Trust

An estate trust provides a gift that will name a Myhal Centre meeting room in J. Edgar McAllister’s honour.

Henry Wu

Gives a first-time gift of $3.5 million to support construction.
DEC 2013

Gerald Heffernan

Directs his $2.5-million gift to provide space for The Entrepreneurship Hatchery in the Myhal Centre.
FEB 2014

Governance approval

Project receives approval from U of T’s Governing Council — a testament to the tremendous contributions and visionary leadership of Dean Cristina Amon.
AUG 2014


Donates $700,000 toward naming a Technology Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) classroom in the Myhal Centre.
OCT 2014

TEAL room pilot project

A pilot Technology Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) classroom is established in the Sanford Fleming Building.
FEB 2015

Site preparation

Select building elements are demolished on Site 10 to make way for the Myhal Centre.
MAY 2015

City approval

Rezoning approved by the City of Toronto.
JUN 2015

Building work begins

Construction contract awarded to Bird Construction.

Groundbreaking event held

Donors, alumni, faculty, students and staff gather to celebrate the culmination of Dean Cristina Amon’s unwavering commitment to the Myhal Centre project.

AUG 2015

Hoarding goes up

Construction hoarding is erected around the Myhal Centre construction site.
SEP 2015


Street artist Jason Wing, a.k.a. SKAM, paints a massive 276-foot (84-metre) graffiti installation that spans the Myhal Centre construction site hoarding.
OCT 2015

#CEIExSKAM at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche

From sunset on Oct. 3 to sunrise on Oct. 4, revelers interact with #CEIExSKAM installation.
FEB 2016

Provincial Support

The Ontario government announces $15 million to support the Myhal Centre.
MAY 2016

Erwin Edward Hart

Leaves a historic $20-million bequest to support early-career researchers at U of T Engineering, many of whom will call the Myhal Centre ‘home.’

May 2016


July 2016


October 2016


March 2017


Myhal Centre construction nears the mid-point

Myhal Centre welcomes visitors for the first time at the From the Ground Up showcase event on May 11


June 2017

FALL 2017

October 2017


January 2018

February 2018

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne tours the Myhal Centre, speaking with faculty members and students and hosting a town hall discussion on the topic of diversity in STEM.

February 2018

The Governing Council announces approval of the naming of the CEIE. The building is officially named the Myhal Centre for Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship (Myhal Centre) after longstanding Faculty philanthropists George (IndE 7T8) and Rayla Myhal.

March 2018

The hoarding is removed from the site of the Myhal Centre.

March 2018

The Skule™ logo is embedded in the flowing of Lower Level 1, which houses seven student clubs and teams.

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